2019 Eagle Rock Thursday Night League Rules

• We will use 80% calculation of your actual gross score for 9 holes. Take a “double par” for a player picking up ball and not holing out.
Handicaps will start with 2018 handicap and will be updated after each 2019 round.
If you have a handicap ending in .5 or higher it will be rounded up to next whole number.
Subs will use 2018 handicap or if new have their handicaps calculated after they complete their first 2019 round and
then adjusted each time they sub for the remainder of the season.
• Player A Team 1 vs. Player A Team 2, Player B Team 1 vs. Player B Team 2 with all strokes awarded for each player
• Maximum handicap for this league is 18 x 80% = 14. Scores will be adjusted accordingly

• Each match is played for 15 points.
o Player A Team 1 vs Player A Team 2 Match Play = 2 points
o Player B Team 1 vs Player B Team 2 Match Play = 2 points
o Team 1 vs Team 2 Net Totals = 2 points
o Team 1 vs Team 2 one better ball net = 1 point per hole, 9 holes = 9 points

• Scorecards will be prepared with handicaps by Pro Shop prior to 5:30 pm shotgun.
• If you have a sub play that is not reported prior to 12 noon on a league night you will need to adjust handicaps, names, etc.
• Scorecards MUST be completed in full and SIGNED by one player from each team. Incomplete or unsigned scorecards will be
• Scorecards must be placed in designated /marked mailbox inside Pro Shop upon completion of match by 8:30 pm
• Circle all birdies and eagles to qualify for skins payouts.

• FIRST HALF (10 Weeks ending June 27th)
o Top 5 teams for each division based on total points through June 28th
• SECOND HALF (9 weeks ending September 5th)
o Top 5 teams for each division based on total points from Week 11 through 20
• TOTAL Total points for entire 20 weeks
o Top 5 teams for each division

o Top 32 teams qualify for a SINGLE ELIMINATION Playoff. Seeding will be based on TOTAL Points
o Subs used during playoffs will have 50% of handicap used for all playoff matches (no regulars)
If a player subs 8 or more times in a season the player will have full handicap for playoff matches.
o Payouts to the top 3 teams for each bracket
• These will be posted online by Monday following previous Thursday League play.

• You may hit 2 balls on first tee and play the better of the two
• Everyone will play from White Tees
• Keep pace of play, slow play rules will be enforced
• You may only roll your ball in your own fairway up to 6 inches but no closer to hole (Winter Rules)
• If necessary, Pro Shop will post Winter Rules for everywhere based on course conditions for that round
• Play your ball as it lies everywhere else if Winter Rules are not posted
• Be a gentleman and discuss rules or questions with your playing partner and opponents to determine a
honest judgment regarding drops, out of bounds (white stakes), ground under repair, hazard point of entry (red / yellow stakes), and hole by hole score.
• If an agreement cannot be reached, play 2 balls and mark both scores on card. Discuss with Ron or Marc following completion of your match.
• Interior OB will only be the parking lot and clubhouse. Exterior OB lines are marked with white
stakes and are stroke and distance penalties. If you are unsure if your shot went OB, play a provisional ball.
If you find your original ball, pick up your provisional (this will save time).
• “Gimmies” on putting surface need to be agreed between teams prior to match
• If you hit the ball into a bunker that is marked as ground under repair or any area in question,
take the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole. You take full relief (not standing in the bunker or on the bare spot)
then drop within one club length. NO CLOSER TO THE HOLE!
• Matches that cannot be played on a league night must be completed by the Sunday immediately following
that Thursday (within 3 days). Teams should agree on a mutually beneficial time/date. If one team can’t
play at all that week, they will receive zero (0) points and their opponents will get 15 points.
This must be reported to pro shop by 12 noon on Wednesday before league night to notify opponents.
• NO SHOWS?? Attendance for matches will be tracked. Teams or players that do not show up for
league and do not have subs may be asked to leave the league. They are other teams
interested in joining. NO REFUNDS of League Fees if you are asked to leave the league.
• If there is a “NO SHOW” team or one player, the opponent will play against a “GHOST” scorecard
obtained from the pro shop. The “GHOST” scorecard will have a 3 over par score with bogeys on the 3 most difficult holes.